Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Busy in the Treehouse!

Thank you all for your support in this beautiful new Chris Riddell print.

I have orders in from all around the world, (Italy! Ireland! India! Iceland!) the pre-sale went very well.

Am sitting surrounded by tubes and printing out labels from morning to night, my usual elves are out on tour and i will get some help in once the prints arrive, they are being born this week in Hollywood. The 4th of July holiday is going to add a little sparkling firecracker delay, but I'll be ready to ship upon arrival.

I am very hopeful the prints will be here in time to take with to ComicCon where I will be selling other Neverwear items at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund party-- including my comic book magnets!

Come and see me and those lovely people of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab-- I will have lots of Neil-based giveaways as well. (a new line of postcards, you say?)

The CBLDF Welcome Party is the night of July 9th (next Thursday) 8 pm here: The Westgate Hotel 1055 Second Ave, San Diego, California 92101

come by, renew your CBLDF membership, say hi & have a little bite/drink with us.

for more info, look here.

At any rate, I just wanted to put this post up, so I can attempt to not fry out from shipping stress-

Please be aware that Neverwear is not Amazon and I am working around the clock to prep the tubes for shipping, putting love into each and every order with the help of the space battle cats and miss Mittens Selina Kyle- thank you for your kind patience and support.

@CBLDF and The Gaiman Foundation also very grateful for the wild response!

any questions, fire at will: gratefully yours, Kitty (@neverwear on twitter)

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